A Call to Action

The next time you are suffering through the pain of an early morning F3 workout, take a look around at your fellow brothers. Even if you don’t know each man in the Circle of Trust, you are hyper aware that there is something different about the men of F3. We are leaders and we get things done. We are compassionate and care about our health, our families and our community. We are intellectual men of faith that seek out others that share our view of how life should be lived. Simply put, we are Men of Action and the time for action is now.

This Call to Action starts with F3 Foundation (“F3F”). Communities are starving for leaders and mentors and F3 is standing up and leading the charge. Each F3 member is an impressive individual. As a collective group, we are an undeniable force with the ability to influence and inspire. F3F is the natural progression for F3 Nation and we have jumped into the deep end of the pool head first.

The mission of F3F is to leverage the men of F3 Nation to develop and strengthen male leadership in our communities.

F3F is the platform to engage and support F3 members in causes that target our mission. F3F is here to serve the members of F3 and tap into their time, talent, and resources to make a real difference. The time for action is now.